Our Services

Our current offerings include customized career workshops for the following groups:

These programs are offered as stand-alone workshops or can be a complementary resource to an existing career services department serving graduates or adults in transition. Our programs can help with improving the following outcomes:

  • Becoming gainfully employed
  • Improving job readiness
  • Successfully transitioning between jobs and industries
  • Avoiding long term unemployment
  • Avoiding chronic underemployment
  • Successfully navigating the job market
  • Achieving true market wage value

We are excited to deliver customized workshops for individuals and partner with organizations. Our goal is to prepare individuals for successful long term career advancement!

The reason for the minor content differences within each program is to ensure the unique needs and life experiences of each group are accounted for and integrated into workshop discussions.

The workshops are designed to be delivered in a seminar style format. This structure allows for maximum engagement among all participants.


Visit the EVENTS page to view our calendar of upcoming workshops!


If you are interested in hosting a workshop, please see the table below for additional details.

Additional Details for Hosting a Workshop
Delivery MethodWorkshops are delivered in-person or via web conferencing. Recommnendation is in-person.
Workshop LengthWorkshops are approximately 6 hours in length. The content is typically delivered in one session, but can be scheduled for multiple sessions (if needed).
Cost$75 per participant. (Meals and/or snacks may be included as an option dependent upon scheduling times / group size.)
Group DiscountIf hosting a workshop, discounts are available for groups over 25 participants.
More DetailsContact for specifics regarding space lay-out, internet access, etc.

Additional Services

Extended Resume Services
Resume DevelopmentFundamental resume development and design are covered extensively during the workshop. However, the workshop does not include a customized resume developed for each attendee. However, we do offer personal resume development services, please contact for more details.