High School Graduates

Making the right career or post-secondary education decision after high school can be a daunting and complex task. The amount of information being processed by today’s high school graduates can be overwhelming; not to mention the pressures from family and friends.

The challenge of choosing higher education or immediate workforce entry without a solid understanding of both options can often lead to a decision that lacks focus or a clear direction. Many high school graduates feel they have plenty of time to decide on a career or higher education options, which can lead to a delay in understanding and completing the necessary steps for developing a successful road-map.

Questions Like:

  • Does it even pay in long run to earn a degree?
  • Do I need a college degree to secure a good job?
  • Is there any difference between for-profit and not-for-profit higher education institutions?
  • Will having a specialized skill pay off better than having a degree?
  • Will earning an industry certification pay off?
  • Does it really matter if I take a few years off then decide about continuing my education?
  • Will I need to relocate to find a good job?
  • What immediate skills are employers looking for?
  • How do I know what career/job is the best fit for me?
  • How important is a resume?
  • How did I search for different types of job opportunities?

All of these questions and many more will be addressed during the workshop. High School graduates are categorically in a ‘discovery’ state in regards to identifying a successful career path. The workshop will highlight those pertinent areas as it relates to being in a discovery state while identifying specific challenges and options related to career choice.

As with each program, current industry research will be shared as it relates to special topics and supporting strategies. The goal is to provide real data combined with practical solutions that will assist graduates in making the best-informed decisions.