College Graduates

Finally! You have graduated college, so it should all be downhill from here, right?

Certainly, with a college degree, employers will be beating down your door with a $100,000 job offer, right!? Often times, we feel the road to career success ends after college graduation.

While college graduation is a great milestone to celebrate, the path to success does not end with a diploma. Many would argue it just begins.

Questions like:

  • Is simply earning a degree enough to quickly secure a good job?
  • Does it matter if my degree is more generalized? i.e business, psychology, sociology, etc.
  • Does a degree count more than industry experience?
  • Do employers care where I earned my degree?
  • Will taking a lower entry level position to gain industry experience pay off?
  • What type of general skills will employers be expecting on day 1?
  • How long does it take to find a good job?
  • What are the most effective tools for finding jobs? Is relocation worth the effort?
  • What is to be expected on a real job interview?
  • Should I negotiate salary on my first job?
  • What changes are employers making today to recruit millennials?

All of these questions and many more will be addressed during the workshop.

As with high school graduates, many college graduates are moving from a discovery to an ‘identifying’ state. In this workshop, we will examine the importance of preparing for a successful college graduation as well as the career challenges facing graduates today.

As with each program, current industry research will be shared as it relates to special topics and supporting strategies. The goal is to provide real data combined with practical solutions that will assist graduates in making the best-informed decisions.