Adults and Veterans in Career Transition

A few familiar scenarios that working adults or veterans may encounter:

  • Due to corporate downsizing, I am losing my job. Which is the only job or industry I am familiar with at this point in my life.
  • I am currently working in the area I prefer but ready to start identifying other companies that may be a better fit for me at this point in my career.
  • After several years of working hard in a particular job, I now realize that I am ready to explore expanding my education or job skills in order to advance or transition into a new career.
  • After service to my country, I am struggling to transfer my skills to the workforce and secure meaningful employment.

Certainly, each scenario offers unique challenges and opportunities for the working adult.

At this point in life with potential family obligations, years of investment in a particular job or the overwhelming thought of going back to school are reasons to pause and ask the right questions before making an important career decision.

Questions like:

  • Does my past or current job experience count for anything?
  • How does my experience help with identifying new career options?
  • What are the best sites to search for a new job?
  • Does a degree count more than industry experience?
  • Is working from home an option?
  • What if I started my degree years ago but never finished?
  • Do employers care where I earn my degree?
  • Can I earn college credit from my previous job experience?
  • Is accepting a lower level position in a new industry a good strategy to get my foot in door?
  • What skills are considered ‘transferable’ when expanding my career search?
  • How long does it take to secure a good job?
  • What are the most effective tools for finding jobs? Is relocation worth the effort?
  • Do I really need an updated resume?
  • What advantages do I have over younger less experienced applicants?
  • Does just having ‘a degree’ really all that matters?
  • What is the best way to network with industry professionals?

All of these questions and many more will be addressed during the workshop.

Unlike the new high school or college graduate, working adults and veterans have years of valuable experience that can provide real direction during a career transition or deciding whether to pursue higher education. The key is identifying and linking current skills with industry career options.

As with each program, current industry research will be shared as it relates to special topics and supporting strategies. The goal is to provide real data combined with practical solutions that will assist working adults in making the best informed decisions.