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Our mission is to provide comprehensive career coaching for today’s graduates and adults in vocational transition.

In today’s dynamic and shifting economic environment, it is imperative to approach career development with factual and practical knowledge in order to make the best-informed decision, financially and professionally.

Often, too many times after accumulating large amounts of debt, graduates are left with a diploma in hand but no real understanding or direction on how to obtain meaningful employment. On a similar note, adults who have been employed for many years in a particular industry are being laid off or leaving military service and forced into new vocations that may require additional training. These scenarios require a thorough analysis of today’s employment environment, a self-awareness evaluation and a clear understanding of which decisions can lead to positive future career outcomes. Unfortunately, many individuals base continuing education decisions on false opinions or job promises that sometimes never pay off. Others fall into the next best job or training program they can find quickly without considering personal goals or industry information.

As a current industry leader and former college professor, I am fortunate to have worked with thousands of students and employees in the areas of talent development, career navigation, and higher education. My passion involves helping individuals locate the tools, understand the challenges and implement practical solutions when pursuing a meaningful career.

In each of our personalized programs, we take a deep dive into the current challenges and opportunities that exist for different individuals in today’s complex job market. A hallmark program feature is the Industry Analysis, which includes a lengthy discussion regarding current industry

data/trends involving:

  • The type of skills required for today’s top jobs
  • Which industries are providing the most meaningful job opportunities
  • Overall job wage growth and outlook
  • Higher education trends and value of obtaining additional education
  • Best practices regarding job searching, resume development, interviewing and securing the final job offer
  • And more….


Each program is designed to be delivered in a seminar format that promotes engagement and participation.

Please visit each program for more information.

High School Graduates
College Graduates
Adults & Veterans in Career Transition

I look forward to speaking with you!

Regan Caldwell